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PoliceCostumesLA provides quick and affordable costume rentals for film and other productions. Our company is based in Los Angeles, CA and services the area with deliveries and pick up orders. If you are not local to the area, we also work with production companies in our region like San Francisco and San Diego. We even offer out of state costume rental.

Costume Shipping Available Nationwide Including:  Georgia – New York – Texas – Massachusetts – Florida – Illinois

Out Of State Costume Rental Form

Tell Us About Your Project!
First & Last Name
Crew Position
Project Name
Billing Address
Project Type
Please provide a detailed list of the items you wish to rent in the field below. Be sure to include the proper shirt size and pants size for each costume requested. Example: 1 Police Costume (Small Shirt / 34 Waist) 1 - Badge 3 - Holsters
Describe your order here.
Provide accurate rental dates below to help us determine your rate. Items will be charged for total shoot days NOT pick up or return dates.
Receive Date
Return Date
Shipping costs will be calculated and provided on the invoice per your selected shipping speed. Please use extra discretion when providing the shipping address.
Choose Shipping Speed
Shipping Address
I understand this form is an inquiry for availability and does not guarantee a reservation with Thrifty Rents. Upon receipt, Thrifty Rents will follow up with a detailed estimate and/or response to the point of contact provided.

How Our Non-Local Booking Process Works


Take a look at our selection of costumes and accessories before completing our out of state booking form and be specific when completing the form so we can better assist you and your team! If the form is incomplete or lacking information we will reach out to you using the information provided to clarify. If the reservation for is clear and complete, the point of contact will be sent an invoice for the order.


Our online invoice goes directly to your email and allows you to finalize your order on a desktop or mobile device. The process is completely secure and easy as online shopping. Reservations are not confirmed until the payment is received. In some cases clients may be asked to provide certificate of insurance and/or a security deposit.

We do NOT accept cash, checks, or money orders for out of state bookings. Payment must be processed using the online invoice.


In the booking form, you’ll confirm your shipping rate for either 2-day shipping or regular ground shipping if there is no rush. The items will be sent out to you after payment and other necessary documents have been received. Please advise that if your rental process is finalized after hours, you may be subject to a shipping delay until the next business day.